5 Reasons To Rent A Cottage On Pelee This Summer and Fall

  1. Nature and Wildlife

With 20% of the land protected by Provincial Park status and the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the forests and wetland are a sight to be seen. From the Chinquapin Oak and Red Cedar Savannahs to Lake Henry and Fish Point Nature Reserve, the biodiversity of the island is astounding. Towering trees and beautiful flora can be found all over these areas, evoking a deep connection to nature.

The fauna are everywhere as well. Pelee is well known for its importance in the seasonal migration patterns for over 300 species of birds. Come volunteer with the Pelee Island Bird Observatory and help the world to understand more about the phenomenal creatures that inhabit our skies. Lucky observers will also be able to see rare and at-risk species of birds, snakes, foxes and turtles.

  1. Rural Small Town Feel

Pelee Island is not your typical tourist destination. The quaint, honest, downtown area at the West Dock hosts a delicious family restaurant, boutique shop and ice cream shack for everything you really need during a quiet getaway. Head up to the Northern Bay, Scudder, for a fun and friendly time with locals, boaters, and vacationers alike.

Like any small town, the rural areas of Pelee are just around the corner. Hop on your bike and in a few minutes you’ll find yourself seamlessly transitioning into sprawling fields and vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Don’t be fooled however, there will never be a dull moment during your stay. With weekly events held at The Winery, to the Heritage Weekend that kicks off Autumn, and the Pheasant Hunt that winds it down, there is always something to do. The Quarry, a natural amphitheatre, is the stage for many passionate and vivacious performances from poets, jazz musicians, and artists hosted by the Windsor Feminist Theatre. And every weekend live musicians travel from all over to play in our taverns.

  1. Beach & Sky

While enjoying the sunset or a lazy afternoon, take a dip into beautiful Lake Erie. The shallowest of the Great Lakes, the water warms quickly in the day and holds the heat through the night, making any time a good time to swim. The Bongo Club features beach access for the perfect getaway.

There is nothing like the Pelee sunset over Lake Erie. The pastel array of colour is reminiscent of a great impressionist painting, evoking a peace and tranquility that is rarely found elsewhere. A short bike ride to the tip of Fish Point Provincial Park from Pelee On the Rocks will give you an unparalleled and sublime view, almost as if you were in center of the lake itself.

The natural beauty of the island is boundless. Isolated from the mainland, the night sky is untouched by light pollution. In the later hours of the night, the sky is peppered with millions of stars and the ethereal belt of the Milky Way is almost always visible. Watching the full moon rise over the horizon is breathtaking, and at apogee, bathes the island in its silvery light.

  1. History

Pelee Island and the Erie Archipelago are ripe with history. From aboriginal remains and artifacts, local legends,  to battles fought during the war of 1812, and an industrial boom that left a long lasting impact on North America, there are stories hidden everywhere.

Whether taking a motor tour around the north of Pelee, a biking excursion around the south, or paying a visit to the Pelee Island Heritage Center at the West Dock hamlet, you will leave the island with more than just souvenirs. Buildings still standing from the early 1800’s help set the tone of this old island. Learn about what the island once looked like, the industrialization and the events that led us to where we are now with the Explore Pelee crew and get the most out of your time here.

  1. Food!

While there isn’t a large selection of restaurants on the island, they do boast a delicious platter of food to choose from. While enjoying a bottle of wine on the patio of the Pelee Island Winery Pavilion, you can choose from a variety of frozen meats to barbecue yourself and show off your grill mastery. They also create delicious stone-oven pizzas and tapas trays for your enjoyment. The Westview Restaurant and Scudder Beach Bar & Grill are great places to visit for cold beers, good food, and a fun, musical environment. Pastries and home made goods more your style? Check out Conorlee’s Bakery & Delicatessen, delicious pastries are made fresh every morning that pair well with the best iced coffee around. For lunch they offer mouth watering vegetable and bean salads or made-to-order wraps. When dinner time rolls around be sure to wander in to the Anchor & Wheel, where you can choose from a wide assortment of fish and seafood, among other dishes.